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US-64897-A: Improved box foe blueing and other powders patent, US-651162-A: Spraying device for use in manufacturing paper. patent, US-653174-A: Machine for clearing silk or other textile threads. patent, US-653543-A: Thread-cutting machine. patent, US-65729-A: John henry dallmeyer of london patent, US-657664-A: Hydrant. patent, US-666152-A: Water-closet. patent, US-670963-A: Liquid and solid separating-machine. patent, US-672983-A: Safety-razor. patent, US-674886-A: Gas-producer. patent, US-675244-A: Automatic gate-actuating mechanism for elevators. patent, US-676614-A: Automatic brake. patent, US-677627-A: Snap-hook. patent, US-680486-A: Detachable tire. patent, US-3944340-A: Lens barrel for a camera patent, US-3992438-A: Novel prostaglandin intermediates patent, US-4077527-A: Apparatus for dispensing and transporting fine materials patent, US-4129496-A: Hydrocarbon reforming process patent, US-4162076-A: Tone arm patent, US-4213790-A: Process for the production of cement in a fluidized bed patent, US-4263908-A: Nasal cannula mask patent, US-4291394-A: Semiconductor memory device having flip-flop circuits patent, US-4321268-A: Certain substituted phenyl esters of nicotinic acid, compositions and methods of using same patent, US-4434033-A: Process for producing concentrated solutions containing alkali metal chlorates and alkali metal chlorides patent, US-4544630-A: Process for specific determination of cholesterol in the presence of the HDL fraction in serum patent, US-4574616-A: Vibration detecting apparatus patent, US-4642762-A: Storage and retrieval of generic chemical structure representations patent, US-4677276-A: Method of welding robot control which controls the three basic axes of a robot to provide a repetition of a weaving pattern along a robot locus patent, US-4681864-A: Cracking catalyst patent, US-4973153-A: Method and apparatus for finding range patent, US-5018102-A: Memory having selected state on power-up patent, US-5050007-A: Image-scanning apparatus and method therefor patent, US-5340845-A: Process for preparing low-density flexible polyurethane foams, and the polyurethane foams obtained patent, US-5714915-A: Oscillator patent, US-5718225-A: System for supporting endotracheal tubes in pediatric patients and method of using same patent, US-5753128-A: Self-supporting thin-film filament detector, process for its manufacture and it applications to gas detection and gas chromatography patent, US-5753550-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit device having switching MISFET and capacitor element and method of producing the same, including wiring therefor and method of producing such wiring patent, US-5882548-A: Luminescent organic-inorganic perovskites with a divalent rare earth metal halide framework patent, US-5912233-A: Methods and peptides for the treatment of non-IgE-mediated diseases patent, US-6066370-A: Method for providing a coating on polyalkylene patent, US-6215452-B1: Compact front-fed dual reflector antenna system for providing adjacent, high gain antenna beams patent, US-6292383-B1: Redundant memory cell for dynamic random access memories having twisted bit line architectures patent, US-6414208-B1: Process for producing dimetylnaphthalene and alkylnaphthalene with methallosilicate catalyst patent, US-3948415-A: Easy-opening closures patent, US-4027898-A: Level load leaf spring drop axle patent, US-4043894-A: Electrochemical anodization fixture for semiconductor wafers patent, US-4056469-A: Purification of waste water from hydrazine production patent, US-4070778-A: Greeting card patent, US-4075536-A: Capacitor charging system patent, US-4089295-A: Spray coater device patent, US-4121355-A: Learning device patent, US-4125690-A: Battery electrode structure patent, US-4127857-A: Radio frequency antenna with combined lens and polarizer patent, US-2012003434-A1: Optical sheet laminating method, optical sheet laminating device and program used therewith, and display device patent, US-4201104-A: Glass cutter patent, US-4211050-A: Sealing process for underground walls patent, US-4236402-A: Method and apparatus for testing rock tenacity patent, US-4278939-A: Electromagnetic arrangement for measuring electrical current patent, US-4284786-A: 5-Methylisoxazole-4-carboxylic-(4-trifluoromethyl)-anilide patent, US-4338811-A: Method and apparatus for diagnosis of disease patent, US-4361175-A: Fluid feeding device for rotating platforms patent, US-4367084-A: Threading means for strand pulling and chopping apparatus patent, US-4377185-A: Hydrotest apparatus patent, US-4385481-A: Method and apparatus for delivering coins to coin-wrapping machines patent, US-4388541-A: Circuit arrangement with MOS-transistors for the rapid evaluation of the logic state of a sampling node patent, US-4396708-A: Photographic light-sensitive material containing antistatic acid polymer patent, US-4409072-A: Method of collecting lead from ashes containing lead compounds patent, US-4466949-A: Process for continuously producing carbon fibers patent, US-4480453-A: Apparatus for blast hydroplastic finishing of tubular billets patent, US-4485927-A: Flatware sorter patent, US-4563562-A: Hot wire welder patent, US-4582976-A: Method of adjusting a temperature compensating resistor while it is in a circuit patent, US-4614975-A: Focus area change circuit patent, US-4671962-A: Chicory base drink and method of preparing same patent, US-4688230-A: Construction laser, in particular canal construction laser patent, US-4793190-A: Device for measuring and indicating flow around a bend patent, US-4826628-A: Vapor/thermal method of delaminating and stabilizing a phyllosilate and product patent, US-4829649-A: Method for inserting inter-phase insulators in slots of stators for electric machines patent, US-4883931-A: High pressure arc extinguishing chamber patent, US-4891116-A: Method and apparatus for electrochemically decomposing inorganic materials contained in an aqueous radioactive waste solution patent, US-4905069-A: Darlington transistor arrangement patent, US-4989961-A: Projection lens systems for use in projection television patent, US-5015861-A: Lead carbonate scintillator materials patent, US-5043804-A: Color video camera with color reproducibility compensation for discharge lamp ambient light source patent, US-5063481-A: Pivot assembly for vehicle headlight position adjustment patent, US-5101175-A: Power control method for a voltage controlled power amplifier and circuitry used in the method patent, US-5114884-A: Alkali bismuth gallate glasses patent, US-5121409-A: Multichannel satellite communication and control system patent, US-5126024-A: Apparatus and method for concentrating microorganisms from a liquid medium on an electrode by electrodeposition patent, US-5301832-A: Method of and means for dispensing shopping bags from different size bag packs patent, US-5488449-A: Infinite-distance detecting circuit for an auto-focus system patent, US-5493256-A: Phase locked signal generator to produce a clock signal in phase with a trigger patent, US-5585582-A: Methods for inertial balancing of piano key mechanisms patent, US-5646740-A: Partial or untimed production trees to specify diagnostics operations requiring multiple module cooperation patent, US-5832110-A: Image registration using projection histogram matching patent, US-5984597-A: Milling apparatus for forming a key bit patent, US-6002576-A: Trimming capacitor having a void located within the dielectric patent, US-6006006-A: Frame pulse generation apparatus for a video cassette recorder patent, US-6037844-A: Nonreciprocal circuit device patent, US-6215380-B1: Electromagnetic relay patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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