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GB-9711200-D0: Timer circuit patent, GB-9711546-D0: Communications patent, GB-9711586-D0: Improvements in cleaning compositions patent, GB-9711891-D0: Variable geometry turbine patent, GB-9712232-D0: Method of processing a financial transaction and a self-service banking system therefor patent, GB-9712621-D0: Novel compounds patent, GB-9713220-D0: Selective calling reciever patent, GB-9714462-D0: Multi-venting molding apparatus patent, GB-9714553-D0: Monolith patent, GB-9716615-D0: Elongate filter patent, GB-9718221-D0: Improvements relating to injection devices patent, GB-9718650-D0: Pantographs patent, GB-9718908-D0: Proteins patent, GB-9720038-D0: Control patent, GB-9721120-D0: Dispensing apparatus patent, GB-9722430-D0: A plant container patent, GB-9723378-D0: Fabric interlining fusion patent, GB-9724277-D0: User interface patent, GB-9724407-D0: Flashlight patent, GB-9725345-D0: Horn loudspeakers and loudspeaker systems patent, GB-9725704-D0: Needle incinerator patent, GB-9726119-D0: Identification system patent, GB-9726352-D0: Waste processing patent, GB-9727107-D0: Moulded article patent, GB-9800453-D0: Lifting device patent, GB-9800536-D0: Sequences patent, GB-9800589-D0: Battery disconnection system patent, GB-9800779-D0: Image processing apparatus patent, GB-9801349-D0: A method and apparatus for treating leather patent, GB-9801632-D0: Novel compounds patent, GB-9802761-D0: Sealing arrangement patent, GB-9802885-D0: An apparatus,method and computer program product for client/server computing with the ability to select which servers are capable of creating transaction stat patent, GB-9803163-D0: Method and apparatus for protecting the base of a post below and approx 4-6' above ground level patent, GB-9803439-D0: The releasable door restraint patent, GB-9803641-D0: Apparatus and method for drilling strictly aligned holes in bones to be connected by intramedullary nailing patent, GB-9803756-D0: Battery monitoring unit patent, GB-9803876-D0: Creation method and apparatus of network configuration for power system patent, GB-9804322-D0: Laryngeal mask assemblies patent, GB-9804363-D0: Preparation of esters patent, GB-9804833-D0: Improvements in alignment techniques patent, GB-9805439-D0: Lemon dispenser patent, GB-9806140-D0: Method and apparatus for commercial labelling,tabbing,page-marking and the like patent, GB-9807287-D0: Biocidal compositions patent, GB-9807770-D0: Improvements in or relating to connecting apparatus patent, GB-9808003-D0: Process for the production of zintl compounds,intermetallic compounds and electronic components including intermetallic compounds patent, GB-9808086-D0: Electromagnetically actuable valve patent, GB-9810627-D0: Low resistance contact semiconductor diode patent, GB-9810905-D0: Representation of seismic data patent, GB-9811143-D0: Frequency multiplier and mixing circuit patent, GB-9811491-D0: Coupling apparatus of light emitter and optical fiber and method for adjusting optical fiber position using the same patent, GB-9811891-D0: Medicaments patent, GB-9812118-D0: Oil spillage retention barrier patent, GB-9812155-D0: Obturation system for artillery weapons patent, GB-9812469-D0: Grids patent, GB-9812988-D0: Apparatus and method for inflating packers in a drilling well patent, GB-9813302-D0: Jigsaw holder patent, GB-9814057-D0: Submarine plough patent, GB-9814181-D0: Man-made vitreous fibres patent, GB-9814891-D0: Method of manufacturing a manifold;and related improvements patent, GB-9815843-D0: Improvements in or relating to rotary drill bits patent, GB-9816913-D0: Improved differential mechanism patent, GB-9817240-D0: Display enhancement patent, GB-9817656-D0: Scale inhibitors patent, GB-9817832-D0: Curvers patent, GB-9818185-D0: Heat exchanger patent, GB-9818303-D0: Improvements in or relating to radio communication systems patent, GB-9819577-D0: Contact pad patent, GB-9819667-D0: A photographic black-and-white reversal first developer patent, GB-9819759-D0: Printing of 100% polyester fleece patent, GB-9821833-D0: Device patent, GB-9823261-D0: Control of weight during evaporation of samples patent, GB-9823662-D0: Plant cover patent, GB-9824542-D0: Plant support device patent, GB-9824592-D0: Hair care patent, GB-9825170-D0: System and method for generating and using context dependent sub-syllable models to recognize a tonal-language patent, GB-9825577-D0: Automobile dip stick cleaner patent, GB-9826228-D0: Apparatus for heating and cooling patent, GB-9828842-D0: Portable position detector and position management system patent, GB-9901374-D0: Mould for snow or sand patent, GB-9901707-D0: Method of freeing a voice channel in a radio telecommunications network patent, GB-9901931-D0: Coaxial switching connector patent, GB-9902969-D0: Plunger patent, GB-9904232-D0: Optical device patent, GB-9905094-D0: Water wave engine patent, GB-9905933-D0: Neeedleless syringe patent, GB-9906909-D0: Domestic radiant fire burner patent, GB-9907138-D0: Impact warning device patent, GB-9908471-D0: Key accessory patent, GB-9908981-D0: Tap system patent, GB-9909191-D0: Optical security systems patent, GB-9909600-D0: Ceramic electronic part and mounting structure for the same patent, GB-9910121-D0: YThe lid lever patent, GB-9910537-D0: Therapeutic antibody, Immunogenic compositions and uses patent, GB-9912055-D0: Skin care preparation patent, GB-9912515-D0: Handheld tide prediction instrument patent, GB-9912565-D0: Manufacturing a food product by coextrusion patent, GB-9913492-D0: Cryptographic key, or other secret material, recovery patent, GB-9914091-D0: Collapsible golf cart patent, GB-9914096-D0: A dynamic sealing skirt patent, GB-9915137-D0: Safety device for electrical plugs patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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